Starting 01 September 2015 all types of visa may be process online through and may still apply for visa’s in the Consulate office.

Either way is accepted and highly recommended.

Ordinary Visa

Required by all persons intending to enter Kenya for visits or residency. The current standard fee for an ordinary or Single Journey entry visa.

Transit Visa

Required by all persons intending to transit through Kenya to a third destination for periods not exceeding three (3) days.

Diplomatic Visa

Issued gratis to holder of a Diplomatic Passport on official visits to Kenya.
NOTE: Diplomats and government officials on private visits to Kenya and who are nationals of countries that require referred visas shall have their visa applications referred to the Director of Immigration Services, Nairobi, for approval in the usual manner.

Official/Service Visa

Official, Service, (Multiple, Ordinary/Transit) Visas are issued gratis to holders of Official or Service passport on official visits/transit.

Courtesy Visa

Courtesy (Transit /Ordinary) Visa may be issued gratis in accordance with the Provisions of categories 1, 2 and 3 of the Visa Regulations, where the applicant is not entitled to a Diplomatic Visa, but where it is considered by the issuing officer to be desirable on grounds of international courtesy.